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The Guardian ad Litem Program’s sole mission is to advocate for the best interests of dependent children. The practical aim of our advocacy is to achieve the most safe and positive outcomes for them.

Our Program has been recognized as a Davis Productivity Eagle Award winner in 2012 for “streamlining efficiencies to focus on commitment to children”, highlighting our ability to utilize all of our resources in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible. Our advocacy team comprised of about 500 Program staff members; nearly 8,000 volunteer advocates and 21 non-profit organizations diligently pursue these goals in a proven public/private partnership model. Most benefits for dependent children and families are realized when proactive collaboration and teamwork among child welfare agencies, legal organizations and community partners occurs. These basic principles provide the foundation for the creation of the Guardian ad Litem “balanced” Scorecard.

We are pleased to introduce a Scorecard that focuses on a causal relationship between two critical areas: First - there are the Program Effectiveness Measures that are within the control of the GAL Program staff & volunteer advocates. These measures include recruitment, retention and administration of the Program and have a direct impact on child representation. Second – there are the Child Welfare Outcome measures. These are important measures that the GAL Program can influence. There are national studies which demonstrate that children have better outcomes when a volunteer child advocate is assigned to their cases. Our Scorecard will guide our Program in focusing our resources in areas that will improve outcomes for children where obstacles exist.

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